Monica tells us the thrilling tale of her SnapChat alter ego, Ms. Margaret.

Not Bob likes his girlfriend, but he hates her smart phone. 

One person was under the impression they were allowed to see other people. But now he isn't so sure.

Not Beth went out to a show and ended up hooking up with one of her employees, BUM BUM BUM....

Not Darlene is sick and tired of her friend celebrating everything. Including Beyonce's birthday. Turns out her friend was listening, and things get a little heated.

On this episode we hear a story about a woman who only shaves the exact spots she needs to.

This time on it's Vanessa putting herself out there. She's fresh out of a four year relationship, and is ready for a new adventure. Is Travis right for her?

Whitney is trying to get her neighbors attention by walking around her apartment naked with the blinds open. Is this a good way to find love?

Should you set up your friend with their cheating ex on a blind date so they can work things out? Probably not. But Not Shauna wants to try anyway.

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