Kelsey and Caleb met during Hook Up or Hang Up, now Kelsey is back for an update on how things are going.

February 19, 2019

Episode 62: She Dad Shamed Him

Today in Let's Be Honest, she "Dad Shamed" her man on social media and now he's REALLY upset.

Things get awfully smiley in here today when Chelsea and Brian go through 60 seconds to their dating destiny.

She moved in with her boyfriend, but her parents have no clue.  So ... now what?

Sometimes you need to be a little devious, so we confess some of the things we do to trick the people in our lives.

Ahh yes ... just another day in paradise where you end up wearing your boyfriend's Mom's underwear.

It may be considered boring or normal, but it's something your significant other does that totally turns you on.

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