July 30, 2019

Secret Identities

Do you ever use a secret identity when you're out of town?

His ex still has a key to THEIR place and she doesn't like it.

Alcohol was involved and now she's regretting the proposal she made to her boyfriend.

Danni joins us for Hook Up or Hang Up, and we find out her dating habits are fairly wide open.

Nothing like a weekend that ends in getting slapped with a salad!

Kelly went on a date with her friend Derek.  Now he's ghosting her.  What happened?

She doesn't approve of the men her sister dates.  Her sister calls in to fight back.

Not only does Miss Monica take a to go plate at family gatherings, she goes the extra mile and does something everybody else disagrees with.

She went to a wedding.  Her ex was there.  And ... well ... 

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