They're getting a divorce.  Now they want to throw a party together to "celebrate."

Scott got a raw deal in our last Hook Up or Hang Up, but he definitely gets his payback today!

Not our favorite participant in Hook Up or Hang Up, but check back for our next episode as well when Scott gets his payback!

They secretly got married and the family doesn't know.

Zack admits he lied his way in to his daughter's dance recital.

She kinda sorta accidentally told her nephew he was adopted, and now his parents are PISSED!

Zack's house is just one giant toilet.

October 4, 2019

Ghost Hunters: The L Word

Dana dropped the "L bomb" and now she's getting ghosted.  Is that the reason why he won't call or text her back?

It's Monica Brook's turn in the confessional booth, and she admits to being a gift card THIEF!!!

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