She thinks Mom is playing favorites.  Now what?

February 25, 2020

The Correct Way to Eat

Is there a "correct" way to eat certain foods?

She's already booked her wedding venue.  Only problem?  He hasn't proposed yet and now he's mad!

Peter had a traumatic experience involving a date and some long scary fingernails.

February 14, 2020

The Wedding Ring Tattoo

Happy Valentine's Day!  Let's celebrate with a creepy secret about a wedding ring tattoo!

February 11, 2020

The Amazon Remote Conspiracy

Zack is convinced there's a conspiracy going on with the remote to his Amazon Fire Stick

Antoine confesses that he gave somebody the wrong phone number ON PURPOSE!

February 4, 2020

Zack Cheaps Out

Zack admits he cheaped out on an anniversary card for his wife

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